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DC gear motors General Precautions


I: overload and stall
    When the motor is running, since the coil and the iron core and the internally generated heat energy conversion, the temperature gradually rises. Load within the rated range, generate heat and radiate heat balance, will not burn the coil, but in overload and stall state can cause fever of long-running, the insulating film on a copper coil is dissolved, so that the copper wire interturn short circuit, thereby causing large current burn out the motor and accessory circuit boards. Overload will affect the strength of the gear, resulting in breakage or failure of gear, press specifications to allow the use of the product under the conditions.


II: Motor low speed operation
    DC motors are generally constructed using commutation commutator brushes, commutator and brushes rotating friction, the commutation of the commutator sparking. Motor running at low speed, toner commutator and brushes generated by friction in the groove accumulation commutator, likely to cause a short circuit, burn out the motor and driver board, please be careful. Under normal circumstances, the motor minimum allowable transfer belt is 3000r / min.


III: PWM control precautions
   Brush using PWM control is under than the rated voltage (or fixed voltage) state short life, in addition, based on the frequency of use, the carbon brushes may soon wear. Frequency PWM modulation of DC motors using generally 10 ~ 20KHZ. When there are repeated adjustment control PWM on - off, there may be parts of the motor with similar frequency, can cause resonance and fever. Please use the special attention, the PWM control state, the use of electrolytic capacitors built, at a fixed frequency of the motor may not turn, try to use varistors built-in motor.


IV: about inertia and brakes
   After the motor off, due to inertia, the output shaft will be rotated, which is a DC motor inertia. If you want to stop the rotation immediately, can be controlled by the circuit after turning off the power to short-circuit the positive and negative terminals, the use of such brakes is the use of electrical power (reverse current) role to achieve, may shorten the life of the motor current increases and the .

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