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High voltage DC motor is and what works


High-voltage direct current machine means more than the rated voltage 1000V motor. Often used by the 6000V and 10000V voltage, due to the different foreign power, there are 3300V and 6600V voltage levels. Because of the high pressure generated by the motor is proportional to the product of voltage and current electrical power, so low-voltage electrical power increases to a certain extent (eg 300KW / 380V) current is allowed to limit the capacity of the wires would be difficult to expand, or too costly. the need to achieve high power output by increasing the voltage high-voltage motors advantage is power, ability to withstand strong impact; disadvantage is inertia, starting and braking are difficult.

High voltage DC motor works:

1. The motor input power

2. The current generated between the stator and the rotor electromagnetic induction

3. The electromagnetic repulsion with pole

4. Push the rotor (stator is fixed)

5. Turn acting

6. Drive lead other equipment

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